Rat Race/Sprint Competition

Rat Race has emerged into a festival over the years. The local community, pilots, local school children, businesses and som many more have all claimed the event as their own. As organizers we are proud of the accomplishment.

This year we will host the Rat Race and Rat Race Sprint along with the return of the “Super Clinic”. (The Super Clinic allows up and coming pilots to expand their knowledge and skill without being in a competition format. Ken Hudonjorgensen and Kari Castle will be heading up this group so non-competition friends will have a place to participate during the event. Please help us spread the word to your friends, local club and forum about the Super Clinic as space will be limited.

Some of the usual things to expect will be Jeff Huey assisting Mike Haley as the meet director and task committee lead, Bill Hughes as primary scorekeeper, Pete Michelmore as rescue coordinator, Tom Chestnut as safety director, George McPhearson as retrieve coordinator and Mary Beth Wells as volunteer co-originator.
Other things similar to last year are:
• Rat Race and Rat Race Sprint will be held simultaneously.
• Rat Race and Rat Sprint will both be USHPA sanctioned. Therefore both groups will receive NTSS (National Team Selection Scores) points for national team scoring.
• Rat Race will be FAI sanctioned
• Trophies will be awarded in Serial, Sport and Women Class for Rat Race and trophies will be presented in the Sprint to the top overall three pilots and Women’s Class.
• Pilots will declare which race group they are entered in and remain there for the entire event.
• Pilots will be scored with their declared group and cannot decide to fly the “other route for the day” and expect to be scored.
• Lunch, retrieval, fun and a great volunteer staff will be here as always.
• Sprint pilots will receive coaching and round table discussion lead by Jeff Huey each day before flying the task.
• Rat Race will allow all EN class gliders (modified as needed to fit
CCC requirements) and CCC gliders. Rat Race will not allow uncertified

• Sprint will only allow paragliders with an EN certification of A, B or
C. Sprint will not allow uncertified paragliders, paragliders with an EN
D rating OR CCC gliders.

USHPA Rule on open class gliders:
Recommendation that open class paragliders be allowed in USHPA sanctioned events. Open class gliders will be scored in their own category. Pilots flying open class gliders will not receive NTSS points and will not bring validity points.

Go to Registration to reserve your place as attendance will be limited.