Rat Race Volunteers & Free Flyers

The difference between Volunteers, Wind Techs, and Free Flyers


Volunteers help with everything from picking up trash, setting up tables, filling water jugs, retrieve, co-ordinate wind techs, help Mike, pack lunches, take tickets, make sandwiches, Assist on launch, do what ever Gail asks, etc...

There is a limited number of volunteer spaces, so if you are dedicated to the challenge you will receive daily lunches, goodie bags, t-shirt, access to all pilot education classes and lectures. There are also some other volunteer surprises.

If you would like to be a volunteer for Rat Race please contact us by email and we will personally talk with you about the opportunity. mphsports@charter.net


The super clinic pilots fill that need so our event rarely utilizes other wind techs.

A pilot who is not entered in the competition, does not participate in any other job description and flys before the launch window opens is considered a free flyer, not a Wind Tech nor a volunteer.


Please Note: The classes/seminars and meetings are closed to the public and available to those who are entered as a competitor in the competition.

Free flying will not be discouraged during the week of Rat Race, however Free Flyers should not be competing with registered competitors, on course, for thermals.

Please be aware of the following:

1. Current USHPA card required.
2. Know and obey site rules.
3. Rat Race Transportation Plan and Schedule
If your plan is to drive to the top, please be mindful the road to launch is busy during the hours of 10- 3:00. With limited parking on top you may be asked to drop off gear/people and then park in the wide turn outs down the road from launch and hike to fly. The road typically will be monitored between 10:00 - 3:00pm. The road will be signed Traffic Direction "up the back down the back"
4. Provide own retrieval (Rat Race provides daily retrieval for contestants of the competition. In the event there is room in a vehicle for a free flyer, the retrieval fee will be $20.00 per person).
5. Woodrat launch will be closed during the competition launch window or until the majority of competitors are off the hill. See Launch Director for daily protocol.
6. Rat Race Headquarters is a teaching facility for Rat Race contestants and space is limited. Please check with organizers to see when the headquarters is open to the public.
7. Please be respectful and considerate of property owners in the
surrounding area.