Vivak Convertable

This unique flight suit has been inspired
by BIVWACK pilots who travel carrying
just their gliders and a tent, flying over
territories duiring the day and camping
by night. So they need very light and
effective equipment!

This flight suit is designed to be used as
one piece or converted to a Jacket, Vest,
Pants and Shorts, all in just one light
flight suit! It's sporty look makes it
wearable at any time, evin in the hours
we spend waiting for the wind to come...


• Expandable (stretch) back
• Utility pocket
• Radio pocket with adjustable strap
• Security radio cord
•Velcro for detachable jacket
• Adjustable waist
• Utility pockets
• Vario & GPS straps
• Convertable zippers for Vest and Shorts
• Adjustable ankle and wrist straps
• Durable lightweight wind resistant fabric
• Durable zippers